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9 September 2023

New page added in SHORTS section for A Sign Of The Times

(e-book only) short story

Updated You Are Released page in SHORTS section with picture and details for Patreon Stories: volume 3

2 September 2023

New mass market paperback edition from Morrow added to

Heart-Shaped Box

page in BOOKS section

New page added in SHORTS section for The Pram

(e-book only) short story

Updated Faun page in SHORTS section with pictures and details for all 4 Conversation Tree Press limited editions

Welcome  !

My goal for this website is to provide a valuable resource with comprehensive information on (almost *) all US and UK releases of Joe Hill's work.

Thank you for visiting & happy collecting,

Marco Lammers

*excluding e-books, audiobooks, book club editions and large print editions except where these are the only version available.

Most pictures are taken from items in my own collection.

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